How to Maximize Warehouse Space Without an Expansion

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Operating a warehouse or distribution center comes with many responsibilities—one of which is inventory management, which can be tricky with limited space. If you’re stumped on how to increase space and have limited funds, let us help you maximize warehouse space without an expansion.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Space

Getting the most out of your warehouse storage space is crucial to maintaining efficient operations. However, optimization can be complicated if you don’t have suitable storage systems in your storage area. Use these three tips to increase your warehouse’s storage capacity!

1. Reevaluate Your Floor Storage and Racking Systems

The first step you should take when maximizing your warehouse space is reevaluating the efficiency of your current floor space storage capacity and racking systems. Are they doing enough for the storage location, or could they be optimized to provide additional space?

Floor stacking allows you to place pallets right on top of each other, making for high storage density. On the other hand, it can be an inconvenient solution as you will need to lift any pallets to reach one specific pallet when you need it.

You have a few options for racking systems, some of which you may already be using or considering. A single-deep rack is one pallet wide, can be placed back to back, and provides optimal accessibility to stored inventory. However, a single deep rack can only offer a small amount of storage density.

A double-pallet rack is two pallets wide, reduces the number of necessary aisles, and offers maximum storage density. Take note that you will need a specialty forklift for this system to work correctly.

Push-back racking places pallets on moveable carts that glide on rails as opposed to traditional shelving. When you load a new pallet into a push-back rack, the ones behind it will slide backward, nesting the pallets one after the other. This system is optimal when you have limited storage space but only really works with uniformly sized containers or pallets.

If you receive a good portion of half-sized pallets, it’s worth thinking about implementing a half pallet system in your warehouse. Such a system could be as simple as floor stacking half pallets in a designated location, fashioning a half-pallet racking system, or using vertical storage such as a hanging ceiling shelf over your conveyor belt or doorways.

2. Transition Stock Into Unused Vertical Space

You may be overlooking some valuable overhead storage space, which is common – many people do not consider the space overhead. But, utilizing vertical space frees up more floor space for movement throughout and can increase safety within the warehouse.

The newfound aisle width provided from using overhead storage systems allows forklifts and other heavy machinery used in daily warehouse operations to navigate the facility safely. However, you will want to determine your warehouse’s clear height, so there is ample room for the machinery to pass. Lastly, be sure there are at least 18 inches between your overhead storage and emergency fire sprinklers to stay compliant with OSHA regulations.

3. Store Valuable Items in a Secure Overhead Cage

Keep items safe and secure in an easily accessible storage solution. A secure overhead cage is an automated system that keeps containers and free-floating products from getting damaged or stolen while in inventory. These are especially helpful for products or equipment with minimal quantities.

With these tips in hand, you can reevaluate your current storage layout and systems and truly maximize your warehouse space without having to expand. If you would like a consultation or estimate on systems, contact a member of our team today!

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