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If you’re in the automotive industry, you know how hard it can be to organize and store tires effectively. Tires take up floor space that could be going to vehicles, equipment, and other inventory.

Instead of spending time trying to come up with your solution, consider utilizing the unused space above you. Lift and Store’s overhead lifts easily bolt to your ceiling, freeing up your limited work benches and service bays. By taking advantage of the space you already pay for, your existing shelving systems and drawer cabinets stay in place. You’re left with almost doubled storage capacity without needing a store remodel or addition.

Benefits of Automobile Storage Systems for Tires

Lift and Store’s tire storage systems are safe, secure, and simple to use. Our heavy-duty vertical lift option is ideal for storing any tire. Whether you’re an automotive retailer carrying specialty tires and parts inventory or an auto dealership, our overhead lifts are designed to keep your floor space clear and your employees off ladders.

LiftNStore® Overhead Lifts can store anywhere from 11-44 tires, depending on the model you select. By simply pushing a button, you instantly have access to your tires for easy onloading and offloading.

For more than 28 years, Lift and Store’s overhead lifts have benefitted countless automotive businesses. By utilizing our systems, we’ve helped clients maximize their storage space and:

  • Limit the need for dangerous ladders
  • Open and clear their service bays, work benches, and service counters
  • Spend less time digging through storage
  • Improve their inventory management

Are you ready to quit paying for space you don’t use? Contact the experts at Lift and Store today for a quote! Our staff is ready to start customizing a solution for your automotive storage needs.

Best Storage Option for Tires

Perfect for auto body shops, tire centers, dealerships, and more, the Lift and Store tire storage system keeps tire inventory out of harms way and frees up floor space in your facility.


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