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Whether you’re managing a high school sports program or an adult league, your team needs a place to store their equipment and jerseys. Often, locker rooms and athletic facilities become overcrowded and lack the additional space required to store extra athletic gear. Cluttered space makes it harder for players to locate equipment, making game day more stressful. If your team could use additional storage space, consider installing an overhead storage system. Lift and Store’s overhead lifts are designed to store equipment above you while safely opening up floor space below.

Athletic Gear Storage You Can Count On

Our mobile storage systems are among the most cost-effective solutions to manage extra storage equipment. LiftNStore® Overhead Security Carts mount directly into your ceiling to create more room without altering your existing storage space. These heavy-duty cages can securely hold anything from baseball bats to shoulder pads. Operated by a keypad, only authorized personnel can gain access and handle the equipment. By simply pushing a button, lifts move up and down for quick and easy loading and unloading. During the off-season, the cage stays lifted, so you can rest assured that your sporting gear is safely out of reach.

Why Choose Lift and Store’s Sports Equipment Storage Systems?

For over 28 years, Lift and Store has helped athletic facilities optimize their storage space. Our high-density mobile storage cages can nearly double your storage capacity within a couple of hours. If you’re ready to maximize the space in your equipment room, contact the experts at Lift and Store today for a quote!

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Most Favorited Athletic Equipment Storage Systems

Our overhead security cages are the ideal solution for athletic departments aiming to maximize space in their facilities. With the touch of a button, you can lift your team’s equipment, uniforms, merchandise, and gear in your underutilized space overhead.

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