Storing Jerseys of Players Who’ve Gone Pro

Michigan State has created a unique tradition of hanging game-worn jerseys of all of its former players who have turned pro, in the equipment room. Dylan Marinez, Football Facilities Manager at Michigan State, says there are now more than 40 jerseys hanging in the room.

“We were running out of space in the equipment room and decided to add an overhead storage cage. The cage fit right in,” says Marinez. “We were very happy with the engineering and an installation that took place in one day.”

Martinez continued, “We are exploring many uses for the storage cages. We could use them for extra equipment that is only used once or twice a year. Since the cages can be on wheels, they could be pushed around to other parts of the athletic complex. We could buy the smaller cage and load it on a semi-truck for away games.”

Lift and Store is looking forward to continuing to expand the overhead storage concept to athletic departments across the United States.