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Healthcare facilities need to be able to utilize as much floor space as possible to best serve their patients. However, common storage spaces are often filled with other medical supplies that need to stay at ground-level. If you’re looking to save space, one solution is to implement a wall-mounted storage system to retrieve folded wheelchairs easily. Connected to a simple, yet powerful LiftNStore® Lift, the wall mount will instantaneously bring folded wheelchairs down to you right when you need them.

Free Up Space at Your Medical Facility

The LiftNStore® Wall Mount Lift makes storing and retrieving wheelchairs as easy as possible. All lifts are six-feet wide, making it easy to place one in even the smallest supply storage areas. This mobile storage machine bolts right to your wall, so you won’t have to remodel or adjust your current shelving. The wall mount itself is incredibly easy to use; providers within your healthcare facility will have no issue loading and unloading wheelchairs onto the dock. After pressing the up and down switch, your high-density wall mount will move the folded wheelchairs out of the way and into a safe storage space.

Achieve Better Healthcare or Hospital Supply Room Organization with Our Lifts

Lift and Store understands that storage spaces for medical supplies and other equipment vary greatly from facility to facility. Our team will work with you to devise a mobile shelving system tailored to your specific needs. The entire installation process typically takes an hour, so you can begin using your new mount the very same day. With seamless software integration, we will ensure that members across your facility have uninterrupted access to the equipment they need to deliver quality patient care. Rely on Lift and Store for industry-leading healthcare storage solutions!

Most Favorited Medical Equipment Storage Systems

Wheelchairs are notoriously bulky and take up a significant amount of room in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. To help free up space in overcrowded storage spaces, Lift and Store developed an easy-to-use wheelchair storage system.

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