Overhead Security Cage Solutions

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Overhead security cage systems are one of the most versatile and effective storage solutions to manage excess inventory. These heavy-duty lifts move from the ground level to an overhead ceiling panel, freeing up floor space while protecting your product line.

Why Customers Love Our Mobile Storage Cages

  • Overhead storage areas are all about convenience. Through the press of a keypad, you can quickly transport your security cage via an overhead lift. You can rest assured knowing that your items are out of harm’s way, and are easily accessible when needed.
  • Protecting your inventory from drops, damage, and theft is a necessity. The rolling security cage keeps your products away from others, and can only be accessed by a keypad. For this reason, overhead storage cages are just as great for small, more expensive inventory, such as jewelry and electronics, as they are for larger ticket items.
  • Our storage systems are easy to install and require no remodeling work – you can even keep your shelving as is! The overhead lift mounts directly into your ceiling panel. The security cage itself is made from welded steel and has lockable sliding doors and adjustable shelves.
  • Keep your aisles clear while filling up unused overhead space! Or, you could fill up your floor space more with additional inventory. In either case, mobile storage cages turn your ceiling into a more valuable asset.

Overhead Cage Storage Systems for Retail and Commercial Properties

Stash your product lines in a visually-appealing display that keeps all materials safe! Our overhead storage solutions can perfectly integrate into any retail or commercial space. Request a quote to learn more about our overhead security cages!

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