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Are you a retailer struggling to find cost-effective ways to store your inventory? Stop wasting space and packing your clothing tightly together. Instead, make the space you already pay for more valuable by investing in Lift and Store’s retail storage solutions. Our wall-mounted and overhead lifts keep your garments in place and away from the work floor. They’re also easy for your employees to operate. Simply touch a button, and your inventory safely lowers down for secure handling.

Lift and Store offers two space-saving models for your stockroom needs. Our heavy-duty wall-mounted lifts are pre-assembled and bolt right into your open walls, leaving your existing garment racks in place. Plus, they hold up to 250 pounds of clothing! Our overhead lifts secure to your ceiling and come with an attached hanger that conveniently sits at eye-level. The lift’s modular design and configurable hang bars can be optimized to fit your space and needs.

Advantages of Merchandise Storage Solutions

For over 28 years, Lift and Store’s retail clothing storage systems have benefited retailers nationwide. You can nearly double your storage capacity in a few hours without needing a store renovation or addition. By installing our overhead or wall-mount lifts, you can effectively:

  • Keep storeroom associates off dangerous ladders
  • Store garments away from the work zone
  • Keep your inventory dirt and damage-free
  • Prevent shoplifting
  • Improve your inventory management

If you’re ready to maximize your floor space and improve storage options, contact the experts at Lift and Store today for a quote!

Retailers That Rely On Our Stockroom Storage Solutions

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Most Favorited Retail Storage Systems

Lift and Store has several storage solutions that are frequently used by retailers– in both front and back of house–across the United States. From clothing and boxed goods to bikes and more, we have a solution for nearly any type of product that you’d like elevated and secured.

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