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With so many valuables on-hand, museums require a high-density storage solution to safely protect art racks, collections, rare books, and even exhibitions. Unlike other complex storage systems, Lift and Store’s overhead security cages are easily accessible and conducive to existing panels and shelving. Thanks to fast and easy integration, lockable doors, and controlled access, our security cages can assist with your museum collection’s unique needs!

Why Our Customers Love Their Museum Storage Systems

Most museum storage areas aren’t the ideal environment for protecting valuables. At the ground level, such possessions run an increasingly high risk of damage or theft. LiftNStore® Lifts are designed to safely transport materials to an unoccupied overhead space that’s out of reach from harm. Activated by a keypad, only registered personnel can retrieve your art collections. Those with access can load and unload materials onto the mobile storage system by simply pushing a button. With this kind of all-around control, you can stash and protect your valuable items without occupying floor space.

The overhead lift mounts directly into your ceiling, so no remodeling work is necessary. Each museum layout is vastly different, so we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to overhead storage. Our product team will work with you to design and build a system to your exact specifications. No museum set-up is too complicated for Lift and Store – even those with extensive collections. Once ready, we will install and train your staff on operating their new high-density storage system!

Most Favorited Storage Solution for Museums

Lift and Store’s overhead security cages are ideal for museums to keep valuables secure and out of harms way. This storage solution is ideal for:

  • Art collections
  • Artifacts
  • Museum equipment and furniture
  • Back office supplies

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