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Tires are bulky to store. Keeping them on your sales floor or in your car bays consumes space that you could be using to work on cars. Plus, when you need a specific tire from inventory, it’s not time-efficient to rummage around your storage area. Instead, Lift and Store recommends using the empty space you already pay for to store your tires.

Our overhead lifts securely bolt to your auto garage or shop ceiling, instantly freeing up floor space. By utilizing the area above your head, your tire rack shelving units stay intact. As a result, you nearly double-up on garage space without a costly renovation.

Tire Storage Systems Benefits

Lift and Store’s tire storage solutions are safe, secure, and easy to operate. Our heavy-duty systems are a great solution for any set of tires. Whether you’re a specialty tire shop carrying seasonal tires or truck tires or a dealership stocking up on brand name car tires, our overhead lifts keep your workbenches and floorspace clear so your employees can focus on getting work done.

Lift and Store’s tire lifts can hold up to 44 tires, and come down to your floor with the push of a button. Loading and unloading your tires is easier than ever. Plus, you can keep employees off of ladders and maintain better organization in your storage spaces.

Commercial Tire Storage Racks

Over the last 28 years, Lift and Store’s overhead tire storage lifts have helped customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Double storage capacity for tires
  • Reduce the need for climbing dangerous ladders
  • Open and clear workspaces
  • Less time spent rummaging through storage
  • Better inventory management

Start maximizing your automotive company’s storage space today by installing an overhead lift for your tire inventory. Contact the experts at Lift and Store today to request a quote and get started!

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