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Every month you pay for open, empty walls and ceilings. Put that empty space to work for you with help from Lift and Store. By installing our overhead bike storage system, you can double your storage space overnight and open up your floor space without a pricey remodel.

Benefits of Overhead Bicycle Storage Systems

Bikes are bulky, easily damaged, and eat up a sizable amount of space in your showroom and your storage room. That’s why Lift and Store developed the overhead bicycle storage system.

With our automated bike lifts, you can easily suspend your bikes overhead with the touch of a button, keeping them safe and clearing floor space. When a customer wants to purchase or test a bike, simply press the “down” button on your lift system to bring the bike rack back down to floor level.

Not only do our overhead bike storage racks keep store aisles open and backroom storage aisles clear, but they also keep employees off ladders. Climbing a ladder to get a bike down invites trouble with dropped bikes and injuries. Now it’s easy for all employees to get new bikes down safely– not just the big and strong– thanks to LiftNStore® bike storage solutions.

Our standard lifts can extend up to 104-feet across your warehouse or retail space, and lift up to 450 lbs on ceilings up to 20-feet high. In addition to our ceiling mounted lifts, we also develop wall mounted bike storage. By installing our automated mounts on underutilized wall space, you can easily lift your bike inventory overhead.

Who Should Consider Installing Motorized Bike Lifts?

Our automated bike lifts are loved by a wide variety of stores and organizations nationwide, including:

Begin maximizing space and improve in-store safety today by installing overhead bike storage. Our high-quality lifts are easy to use and proudly made in the United States. Contact us today to request a quote!

Bicycle Solutions Videos

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Overhead Bicycle Storage System

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Tilt N Store for Bikes

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Wall Mounted Bike Storage

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104-Foot Standard Lift for Bikes

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