Kayak Storage Solutions

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Because of their size, kayaks consume a good portion of storage space. From standup paddleboards to canoes and fishing kayaks, they’re bulky and difficult to keep in place. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, utilize kayak ceiling storage solutions to make more room for your inventory.

With the push of a button, our kayak lift systems allow you to store inventory safely out of the way—no need for expensive hangers, pulley systems, or DIY kayak hoists. Our overhead ceiling racks sufficiently mount your kayaking equipment securely overhead. Plus, boats swiftly move from the truck directly onto the carts, keeping them safe from drops, dings, and scrapes. Consumers can see and touch the boats, and your regular shelves are left open so that you can store other inventory.

Kayak Storage Systems

It may be necessary to display your kayaks on the sales floor. However, there’s no reason for them to take up additional room in storage during the off-season. By investing in Lift and Store’s kayak warehouse storage solutions, you can instantly double up on storage without a remodel. Instead of wasting limited shelving or floor space, utilize the overhead storage space you already have in your warehouse. Our ceiling mount lifts securely bolt to your stock room ceiling while your inventory stays fastened above. Then, when you need them again, a simple push of the button safely lowers them down.

As a sporting goods retailer, Lift and Store’s kayak warehouse storage systems can offer you the following benefits:

  • Open aisleways and floor space
  • More room for additional inventory
  • Safer boat storage
  • Inventory security
  • Kayak overhead storage systems at your fingertips

Our boat storage systems are also utilized in several schools across the United States. Our lifts allow university recreation centers to easily store school-owned kayaks, canoes, and sporting equipment overhead when not being used by students.

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Are you ready to make the most of your underutilized space? Contact the experts at Lift and Store today. Our team members are more than happy to analyze your facility and offer kayak storage system recommendations. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Overhead Kayak Lift Installation at Utah State University

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Kayaks Lifted Up with Touch of a Button

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Kayaks Move Down to Floor Level

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