Overhead Grow Light Lifts for Cannabis

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Are you looking to create an ideal growing environment for your crops? Through science-based methodology paired with innovative technology, Lift and Store can help you achieve faster, more consistent harvest rates. Our movable grow light systems are designed and installed to align with our clients’ grow bulbs and light fixtures. Learn how our automated adjustable lighting can drastically increase your grow room profitability.

Adjustable Height Grow Lights

Sustainable plant growth relies on an optimal light source. For cannabis and other indoor plants, this means having a grow light system that can be continually adjusted to the ideal distance away from the canopy. Lift and Store’s adjustable height grow lights can move as little as half an inch, which is the exact precision you need to yield high output. Additionally, our systems allow for the adjustment of many light bulbs and fixtures at a time. Rather than other indoor plant light sources that require manual adjustment of one grow light at a time, our overhead systems are designed to increase the efficiency of your space. Our systems pair easily with LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, and other high-intensity light spectrums.

When you partner with Lift and Store, you can expect a full spectrum plan tailored to your indoor grow room needs. After assessing your space, our team will custom design and manufacture an overhead grow light system with site-specific adjustments needed to attain maximum plant growth. We are fully committed to your indoor plant’s success, from installation and software integration to end-to-end maintenance. Request a quote to learn more about our adjustable overhead grow lights!

Overhead Grow Light Lifts Solutions Videos

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Movable Cannabis Lighting from Lift and Grow

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