Police Gear Storage

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Law enforcement agencies often do not have a lot of excess storage space. Lift and Store partners with police departments and other public safety offices to create high-density storage systems tailored to their facilities. All LiftNStore® Lifts are designed to work with the space you already have, such as overhead ceiling panels or an empty wall. Never worry about lost, damaged, or stolen equipment or evidence again with our lockable storage solutions!

Police Cargo Storage for Fleet Bikes and More

Stop letting empty walls or ceilings go to waste! Instead, give these open areas a purpose by transforming them into secure police bike storage spaces for fleet or stolen bicycles.

LiftNStore® Lifts are simple, reliable, and durable. Each wall-mounted bike lift comes assembled and is ready for mounting within your police station or law enforcement office. Free up or declutter storage rooms by installing a whole line of lifts across an empty wall. Or, make use of our overhead bicycle lifts to maximize your ceiling panels. Each overhead section is eight feet long, making it conducive to even the smallest public safety storage areas. Equipment kept in our bike storage systems are readily available through the push of a button. Plus, the wall or overhead placement keeps fleet bikes from damage at the surface level!

Safe and Secure Police Evidence Storage

Overhead security cages are a much more secure way of storing evidence. At the ground level, you risk loss or damage. With our simple and secure law enforcement storage solutions, you have quick and easy access to your material. Lift and Store overhead lifts mount into your ceiling panel, which means you don’t have to move existing shelving. Through the push of a keypad, you can easily load and unload evidence as the lift brings the cage right to you. Once you lock the cage doors and reattach it to the lift, press the button to move evidence out of harm’s way!

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