Wheelchair Storage Solutions

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Lift and Store has two wheelchair storage systems that can help you make use of your unused space in your hospital, nursing home, rehab facility, or medical center. Consider the following features of our overhead storage racks and wall-mounted wheelchair storage racks to decide which would best compliment your facility.

Overhead Wheelchair Storage System

Transform empty air space into an easily-accessible storage system with an overhead wheelchair lift. Our overhead lifts bolt to your ceiling, are eight feet long and can hold six powered wheelchairs. Through a simple up-and-down switch, you can retrieve your mobility scooters from the ceiling panel with ease. Rather than overcrowding an extra room or floor space with bulky wheelchairs, integrate an overhead lift to turn your ceiling into a valuable storage area!

Try Our Wall-Mounted Lift System for Hospital Wheelchair Storage and More

Ideal for compact storage areas, the wall-mounted lift is only six feet wide and designed specifically for folding wheelchairs. Maximize unused wall space by mounting several wheelchair lifts in line. Our customers love the easy installation, which can be completed in an hour. Plus, since it attaches directly to existing walls, you don’t have to worry about removing or replacing your shelving. If you anticipate more frequent use of your wheelchair lift, we recommend a wall-mount for ease of use.

Storage Racks for Folding and Mobile Wheelchairs

Lift and Store is happy to assess your space and offer recommendations on which storage rack works best for your arrangement! Reach out today, and one of our team members will be in contact to help you get started integrating the best wheelchair storage racks!

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