The “WOW” Factor at University of Oregon

In August of 2016, the University of Oregon officially opened its $19 million state of the art Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, and Lift and Store is proud to have been able to install several different types of lifts at the complex.

Recruiting at the Division 1 level is crazy competitive, and the quality of facilities is part of the “WOW” factor for 18-year-olds, their families, and the small army of coaches and students who make the program run.

Thanks to Space Saver Specialists in Portland, Oregon, Lift and Store is part of that WOW for Oregon. With a series of Tilt N Store lifts for Ducks-branded laundry carts, as well as heavy-duty ramp equipped cages for off-season athletic storage, Lift and Store helps make the Mariota Center more efficient.

“For us, the key was being part of the ‘front of the house; experience at the center,” said Shawn Jone, COO. “We do heavy lifting in the back office at more than 8,000 locations in three countries. Being upfront and part of the branding was really cool for us.”

As Lift and Store expands its reach, the company is creating more ways to create space for its customers.



Watch a Video of the Tilt N Store in Action!

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Lifts for University of Oregon Ducks Sports Center