4 Reasons to Invest in a Motorized
Overhead Storage System

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For many companies across the country, the site of crowded aisles, toppling or disorganized products, and even damaged inventory is an all too familiar problem. As business owners continue searching for solutions to these workplace problems, many are discovering the effectiveness of overhead storage lifts. If you’re curious to know if you should invest in one for your own business, keep reading as we discuss four benefits of motorized overhead storage systems.

4 Benefits of Motorized Overhead Storage Systems

Although they’re rising in popularity, many still don’t realize the significant benefits an overhead lift can offer to their business and employees. From the ease of access to added inventory protection, take a look at the following four advantages we’ve outlined below.

  1. Easy Access

    Whether you’re using a bike lift, a kayak lift, or any other specialized lift system, you’ll soon find out the need for heavy lifting and handling is significantly reduced. After loading products onto the storage unit, motorized lifts allow you to simply push a button. From there, the machine raises and does the work for you. After you let go of the switch, the unit locks in place, and your work is done. To offload inventory, all you need to do is press the button once more, and your products safely lower down to you within seconds. In addition to the easier access, it lessens the likelihood of employee injuries from moving heavy cargo.

  2. Free Up Space

    More often than not, inventory can eat away a decent amount of floor space in your warehouse or stockroom. Because overhead lifts joist onto your ceiling above, overhead storage racks can nearly double your storage capacity. By taking advantage of your under-utilized ceiling storage space, you’ll have more floor, shelving, and wall room readily available. This, in turn, often correlates with increased production rates and better organization.

  3. Protected Inventory

    Besides their easy access and space-saving benefits, overhead lifts can also protect your inventory from unwanted damage. Since they’re designed to hang from your ceiling, your inventory stays safe from the typical drops and dents they’re prone to at the ground level. Plus, many overhead lifts on today’s market feature extra built-in safety features, including electric motor brakes and free-fall arrestors.

  4. Extra Security

    Lastly, investing in an overhead storage platform can also provide you with an extra layer of security. Heavy-duty overhead security cages, specifically, are very useful for storing your more expensive inventory. Once your storage items are stocked inside and raised to the ceiling, they’ll safely stay out of sight. Additionally, they’ll stay out of reach from anyone without keyed access.

Are you set on investing in a high-quality motorized storage solution? Consider choosing an overhead storage lift from Lift and Store. With multiple designs in stock and custom-tailored options, you’re sure to find an answer to your business, warehouse, retail, or manufacturing storage needs. For years, our specialists have helped clients throughout the U.S.A. maximize their storage space. From our initial consultation to easy installations to post-installation maintenance, you can count on our friendly experts for all your storage concerns, big or small. To get started, contact us today for a quote!

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