Classroom Storage Solutions for Colleges and K-12 Schools

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Finding the right space for bulky classroom items, like student desks, whiteboards, activity tables, and other furniture, is a challenge many school faculty members face. Even art supplies, lab equipment, and other teaching necessities can be a challenge for a small classroom.

If a caddy, cubby, or filing cabinet isn’t cutting it, you may need to think outside the box to find the right classroom storage solution.

Classroom Storage Idea for Larger Supplies and Furniture

Spare closets and storage rooms in classrooms can become packed full very quickly. Even if they currently have space, do you want to clutter these areas with oversized equipment?

We have a better idea instead. Why not make use of what’s overhead? This space is already unused, sizable, and allows you to make use of your current space without needing an expansion. Learn more about overhead storage solutions for K-12 and college facilities.

Why Store School Supplies Overhead

An overhead storage unit allows you to maximize your space at ground level. You’ll have much more room for smaller, everyday equipment that helps maintain an organized classroom, like file folders and mailboxes.

Many facilities consider expanding once they run out of storage space or investing in a storage unit. Rather than spending a lot of money on a remodel or moving your equipment off-premises, you can retrofit your existing space instead. This type of classroom storage takes advantage of the unused space overhead, which means there is no need to build out your facility.

Overhead storage is easily loadable and retrievable. Your faculty members simply need to load their equipment onto the storage unit. Then, a lift will transport the materials overhead through the push of a button. When they need their equipment again, they’ll hit the same button, and the lift will bring the supplies back down to ground level.

Two Overhead Storage Systems That Solve Spacing Issues

Overhead storage units can work great in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. It’s also a viable solution for athletic equipment and regular classroom storage.

Overhead Security Cages
Security cages can work for small and large classroom supplies. We often see customers use these for student desks and chairs, unused bookshelves, student mailboxes, and old bulletin boards. What your teachers and faculty will need through the school year probably varies, and these security cages are a great way to ensure they have easy access to material when they need it. Just think of all the fun classroom themes they can implement now!

Overhead Bike and Kayak Storage
Athletic facilities often use Lift and Store’s overhead bike or kayak storage solutions. As some of the bulkier school-owned recreational equipment, there usually is no good place to keep these items when not in use. Like the security cage, your athletic equipment can be loaded and transported overhead to free up space within your school’s gymnasium!

It’s easier to tackle classroom management while your students are off for the summer. So, you should consider implementing a better storage system before it’s back-to-school time!

Let Lift and Store help free up space within your educational facility. Our storage solutions will make classroom organization a breeze. Contact us today to request a quote for one of our overhead storage units!

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