Evidence Storage Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Take advantage of today’s advancing technology! As a law enforcement agency, having a safe and secure space to store evidence is instrumental. Don’t let poor and outdated storage lockers block your path, increase potential injuries, or put your evidence at risk. Below we will outline the benefits of Lift and Store’s revolutionary, space-saving evidence storage solutions that will help create a worry-free atmosphere for you and your colleagues.

Secure Police Evidence Storage

As a law enforcement agency, you have many tasks keeping you busy, and investing in Lift and Store’s Overhead Security Cages can help alleviate some stress. Since physical evidence is one of the most vital pieces of information used in trials, you want to make sure you’re storing your inventory in a safe location.

With standard ground-level evidence lockers, there is a risk of damage, loss, or evidence tampering. Lift and Store’s overhead security cages can take the evidence off the floor, creating a safer option to keep the chain of custody intact.

Why Your Fellow Police Stations are Using Overhead Security Cages

If you are looking for more than just security features, agencies also turn to Lift and Store for added convenience and employee safety.

Increase Usable Space

If you are looking to update your evidence security without remodeling, adding to existing structures can be a rewarding solution. Our patented Overhead Security Cages mount into your ceiling and do not require any shelving removal or new construction on your part. How nice is that! These cages can drastically improve your evidence room while increasing space on the floor level for more appropriate storage.

Sophisticated Protection

In addition to saving floor space, our cages are made of welded steel or aluminum that can be locked to ensure that your evidence is always intact and that no unwanted individuals have access to your information.

User Friendly

Still not sold? Not only will the mounting features enhance the safety of the inventory and increase convenience for evidence technicians, but with the touch of a keypad, the lifted cages will come down, allowing you easy loading and unloading. The heavy-duty LiftNStore® Lifts have a 1,000 to 3,000 lb capacity, meaning you can store almost any type of evidence inside of them.

Keep Employees Safe

With too many potential threats happening on the job, don’t provide additional opportunities for injuries to occur within your station. Instead of employees moving heavy evidence boxes and storing sensitive items in hard-to-reach places, the automated up/down feature of Lift and Store’s overhead cage ensures that items in your evidence room are always easily accessible to the appropriate parties.

Our lifts have built-in safety features like electric motor brakes and fall arrest systems for additional protection. The protection and accessibility components add to the endless benefits that make Lift and Store’s Overhead Security Cages one of the most valuable high-density mobile storage systems for any law enforcement agency.

Lift and Store is Here to Help Your Law Enforcement Agency

Here’s the good news, if you would rather not do it yourself, our installation professionals are here to attach the lift systems for you. In addition to our installation assistance, we have programming services available to help you efficiently integrate the devices into your system.

Our overhead cages will meet your storage requirements and are ideal for short-term or long-term evidence storage. Lift and Store is here to serve your storage needs. Contact us today and request a quote to learn more about our high-tech evidence storage solutions.

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