Must-Know Innovations in Overhead Ceiling Storage

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Are you looking to take your storage space to the next level? Whether your retail inventory is cluttering floor space or you are ready to optimize your warehouse, having a well-organized and efficient storage solution is vital to your business.

One often-overlooked opportunity lies above your head. You’re already paying for unused overhead space; why not use it to maximize your storage? Learn more about three innovations in overhead ceiling storage that make these systems commercially viable.

3 Key Qualities When Assessing Overhead Ceiling Storage Systems

There are several advantages to having a lift and storage rack in your building. Whether you are storing away clothing, sports equipment, or boxes of seasonal items, these innovations in adjustable ceiling storage racks make overhead storage practical.

  1. Customized Solutions

    Many factors come into play when creating an overhead ceiling storage setup. Are you a retailer with multiple rows of clothing stored in the stock room? Do you have heavy-duty and awkward to keep items like kayaks and bicycles? Are you storing items that need extra security? Your business has unique needs, and you need a storage solution that fits them.

    One-size-fits-all storage systems don’t solve your unique problems, which is why finding customized overhead solutions is crucial. That’s why Lift and Store offers high-quality setups that fit your needs. Whether your space is better suited for our wall-mounted or ceiling mount lifts, we work with you to ensure your overhead storage system works for you.

  2. High Weight Capacity

    Another significant factor that comes into play when assessing overhead storage systems is the weight of the items you plan to store. It’s important to know if your storage lift can handle heavy storage bins or machinery.

    Lift and Store machines have been lifting heavy objects for over 28 years. Recently, we developed a new standard machine for those with lighter weight inventory. If you are looking to store something like bikes or clothing, the standard lift is best suited for you. However, our heavy-duty lifts are equipped with heavy-duty motors and control bots. They are recommended for anything over 600 pounds but can lift anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds, depending on the motor’s size. No matter what your storage looks like, we can help you make the most of your overhead ceiling space without disturbing your existing shelving.

  3. Durability and Affordability

    Last but not least, the cost of your overhead storage system needs to be viable for your business. Durability and affordability are both crucial aspects to consider when assessing an overhead lift.

    Lift and Store systems are designed with your specifications in mind. During your initial consultation, our specialists will help you determine the most cost-effective setup for your business. Regardless of your space’s shape or size, we can custom build a machine that fits your needs and budget.

With more innovations coming every day, an overhead storage system is an investment that pays for itself. If you’re ready to maximize your storage capacity, improve safety, and reduce your operating costs, consider reaching out to Lift and Store. Contact us today to request a quote and start reaching new levels of organization.

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