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Kayaking is a highly popular recreational activity. In fact, one survey found the number of kayakers in the United States shot from 6.1 million in 2006 up to 16.38 million in 2018! With that kind of widespread interest, it’s understandable you’d want to have some included in your inventory. But, kayaks are large and cumbersome to store, so it’s recommended you integrate an indoor storage solution to optimize your retail space. Read on as we discuss how to store a kayak to save space in your facility. 

Kayak Storage Ideas

Despite their popularity, kayaks aren’t your everyday purchase, so, often they sit in a storage rack for an extended period. Check out the following storage tips to learn how to safely and securely store your kayak inventory. 

Store Kayak Vertically with Overhead Carts

It’s likely your floors and aisles are already filled with other products, but what about your extra overhead space? The open ceiling within your facility can be a safe and visually appealing placement for kayak storage. You can find kayak storage carts that come right to you at the floor level with the push of a button. These storage racks are eye-catching and easily accessible, so customers can actually handle and observe their boats before purchasing. 

Why Invest in an Overhead Kayak Storage System

  • Free Up Space

Without a storage solution, kayaks can hog a lot of space in your inventory backroom. Overhead storage systems are particularly nice because they utilize so much underused space. You can easily double your inventory with how much room you will free up! They’re also very helpful in the off-season months when you don’t need to access your kayak rack as often. 

  • Protect Inventory

Indoor storage carts will protect your kayaks from drops and scratches at the floor level. They’re strong and durable, and they protect your inventory while keeping it elevated from the main floor space. Look for a storage system with built-in safety features, such as an electric motor brake or free-fall arrestor for extra protection.

  • Ease of Access

Overhead carts eliminate a lot of the need for hand carrying rafts. Once the kayak is placed onto the storage rack, all you need to do is press a button, and it will raise. You can add or remove any kayak in seconds. Keep in mind that you will need to engage with the machine for the storage system to work. Once you release the switch, most will lock in place. 

If you need an ultra-durable and visually appealing kayak storage system, look no further than Lift & Store’s overhead racks! Our canoe and kayak storage solutions are tailored to our clients’ exact needs so that we can maximize their storage capability. From our initial assessment to storage integration to post-installation maintenance, you can depend on our team to be there for you for all your storage concerns. Start maximizing your indoor storage space by requesting a quote from Lift & Store!

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