What’s The Best Way to Store a Bike Indoors?

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Bicycles can occupy a great deal of storage and floor space. You can create a more effective storage system by simply repurposing a bit of your indoor space. If you’re tired of these bulky items hogging the limited room you do have, keep reading to learn how to store a bike indoors!

2 Bike Storage Ideas

There are variations between commercial retail spaces, workout centers, police stations, and other facilities with large bike fleets. But, a common trend we see among businesses and other organizations is that most aren’t using their “empty” spaces to their advantage. Our following recommendations to store bikes indoors will help you make use of the shelving units you already have so you can avoid a costly remodel.

  1. Overhead Bike Storage

    The next time you are in your facility, look overhead. Are you noticing a lot of dead, empty space? Rather than letting this go unused month after month – while you continue to pay for it – transform your high ceilings into an indoor storage space. Loading your storage rack is as easy as placing your bicycle onto a hook. Then, through the push of a button, you can easily retrieve your storage rack before sending your bike hanger back into its overhead place.

    This space-saving method not only moves bicycles out of aisles and already-maxed-out storage rooms, but it also keeps items out of harm’s way at the floor level. The best part is that you can make use of your existing shelving, so installation is minimal. Often, it takes less than an hour to integrate an overhead bike storage rack! Configuration options are endless; you can build a custom bike lift suited to your specific needs.

  2. Wall-Mounted Bike Storage

    If you don’t have the overhead space, a wall-mounted bike rack may better suit your facility! This is often an ideal situation for police stations and other law enforcement offices with limited storage options. Like ceilings, wall space is often underutilized despite it being a perfect heavy-duty storage solution. Look for an automated mount with bike hooks with direct attachments. These storage options tend to be more desirable if you need more frequent access to your bikes. Rather than having employees climbing ladders constantly, you can minimize accidents through a wall-mounted bike shelf!

Finding the Best Indoor Multi-Bike Storage For Your Space

While you likely have unused space overhead, it may make more sense to integrate a wall-mounted bike storage system if your ceilings aren’t high rise. On the other hand, if your wall space is limited, an overhead storage solution would likely be your best option. When researching bike storage ideas and racks, the most important item to consider is your indoor space. Lift and Store is more than ready to help create the best indoor bike lift specific to your company’s needs.

From consultation to post-installation, you can depend on us to maximize your storage capacity. In doing so, we can help you save time and money while improving your employees’ safety. Stop letting overhead and wall space go to waste! Request a quote today to learn about our indoor bicycle storage solutions!

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