3 Space-Saving Storage Ideas

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Your business is constantly changing and growing, is your storage system keeping up? As these shifts happen, things can get messy (and even dangerous). If you could benefit from extra storage in your warehouse, equipment room, or stockroom, check out these options for utilizing the unused space above you with space-saving storage ideas.

Should Your Business Consider Overhead Storage Solutions?

There are many advantages to keeping storage space off of your work floor. The obvious benefit is keeping the bulky items you don’t use every day out of the way, allowing your staff to keep the things they do need organized and easily accessible. In addition to freeing up floor space, overhead storage can improve your security, save you the hassle of storing things offsite in a storage unit (which may not be adequately insured), and offer flexible ways to store items without the cost of a remodel. Bonus: you can even keep your existing storage shelves in place.

There are many types of overhead storage racks, ranging from lightweight wall-mounted options to heavy-duty storage lifts for manufacturing facilities. The right choice for you will come down to your business needs, but these three variations are an excellent place to start!

1. Overhead Storage Lifts

Overhead storage systems allow you to keep existing shelving in place and nearly double your storage area without the cost of a remodel. Overhead storage is an excellent solution for a number of industries. Athletic departments and sporting goods retailers can store bulky sports equipment like kayaks in the ceiling space they already pay for. For retailers, this means easy storage of seasonal items and cleaner, more consumer-friendly floor space.

On the flip side, manufacturers benefit from the weight capacity of commercial lifts. Lift and Store’s heavy-duty lifts have a 1,000 to 4,000 lb capacity, keeping even your heaviest items up and out of the way. Plus, they improve safety in your facility by keeping employees off ladders and allowing you to move inventory when you need it with the push of a button.

2. Wall-Mounted Lift Systems

If you don’t have many large items to store, want to make use of a small space, or if your facility has minimal vertical space, you can still find ways to maximize the use of your unused wall space. Lift and Store’s wall-mount lifts are easy to install and offer convenient storage ideas for retail stockrooms, wheelchairs, bikes, and more!

3. Overhead Security Cages

Last but not least, those looking for additional security, such as museums and merchandisers, may benefit from overhead security cage storage solutions. This option pulls double duty by keeping inventory out of harm’s way and protected by a key or keypad. Plus, Lift and Store’s systems are easily configurable with lockable doors and adjustable shelves. Whether you’re storing small items like electronics and jewelry or bulky, big-ticket items, you can rest assured that your materials are safe.

When it comes to overhead storage solutions, trust the space saver experts. With 29 years of experience and customers like Target, Walmart, and REI, Lift and Store’s systems are reliable, safe, and secure. Let us help you determine the right storage system for your business and start taking advantage of the unused overhead space you already pay for. Request a quote today to get started!

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