The Best Paddle Storage Solutions to Optimize Your Space

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If you’re like many athletic departments or water sport retailers across the country, you likely have dozens, if not hundreds, of sporting equipment and supplies to keep track of. Similar to boating and kayak storage, finding a place to store your paddles can get tricky, especially when inventory starts accumulating. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can look into that don’t involve a costly remodel or renting out an expensive storage unit. Below, we’ll discuss two practical options you have for paddle storage inside your facility.

Paddle Storage Solutions: Weighing Your Options

Stand up paddleboard (SUP board), kayak, and other boating paddles can consume a large amount of floor and storage room when they’re not in use. Although outdoor storage can free up a lot of space, paddles are not usually weather-resistant. It’s best to keep them inside and away from harmful UV rays and other environmental hazards. If your storage capacity space is limited, you may find this task difficult, if not impossible, to implement without sacrificing valued space. These recommended paddle storage options can help you keep your paddling gear inside and maximize the room you already have in your facility. 

 Paddle Holder Wall Racks

Wall mount racks and shelving units are among the most popular options for keeping your paddling supplies off the ground. They’re safe, secure, and in most cases, easy to install. Plus, they keep your storage items in sight and out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, they consume a large portion of wall space, leaving you with fewer options for storing other necessities, like boats and life jackets.

 Overhead Paddle Storage Racks

If your indoor space is tight, we recommend looking into a freestanding rack that can be lifted and mounted overhead. This heavy-duty storage solution provides you with all the benefits of a wall storage rack but doesn’t come with the negative aspects. You can securely store your inventory out of the way without it eating up limited space. 

 Unlike wall mounts and shelving units, ceiling rack systems offer you more mobility when you need it most—no need having to climb up dangerous ladders and waste time digging around for equipment. You can quickly load and hang your paddles on the rack, and with the click of a button, move them up and overhead. 

 Choosing the Right Paddle Storage Option for Your Needs

Depending on your facility’s size and indoor space capacity, you may be better off choosing one option over the other. It may make more sense to install a wall-rack system if your ceilings are low. However, if space permits, we advise investing in an overhead paddle storage rack, especially if you’re relying on your wall space to hold other equipment and supplies. 

 If you’re ready to take advantage of your underutilized space, turn to the experts at Lift and Store. For years, we’ve been working with businesses across the United States to help them maximize their storage needs. Whether you’re looking for solutions to store your paddles, kayaks, wakeboards, or other boating supplies, we have you covered. We’ll be more than willing to access your facility and provide a custom-tailored storage system to meet your unique needs. Request a quote from us today to get started! 

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