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Right now, it’s more important than ever for medical facilities to have enough room to provide their patients with the best level of care. Directors and other personnel seeking medical center storage ideas to free up space have come to the right place! Below, we’ll outline one solution that takes into consideration the unique layout of your space, making room in unexpected areas. It comes complete with many advanced safety features and doesn’t require you to expand your existing storage unit.

The Medical Center Self Storage Your Facility Needs to Integrate

Wheelchairs are bulky items that take away valuable space from other necessary healthcare supplies and equipment. But, we have two better ideas for where you should place folded wheelchairs that aren’t at the ground level.

Try on the wall or the ceiling instead! Does that sound strange? Well, let us explain.

How Overhead and Wall-Mounted Storage Works

Your ceilings, and in many cases your walls, are often unutilized, which makes them the perfect place to store away folded wheelchairs when not in use. You can place your wheelchairs into a lift and then move the equipment overhead with the push of a button. Then, you can bring your wheelchair lift back down to ground level, using the same button, when the equipment is needed.

Generally, it’s advised to go with wall mounts if you anticipate more regular use. However, both options can work well in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Still unsure about this storage solution for your medical center? We’ve got you covered. Below we’ll point out a few other considerations you should make.

Optimizing For Your Storage Facility

The overhead lift is eight feet long, while the wall-mounted lift is six feet, so it’s safe to say both are compact and fit into even the smallest medical center areas, and with hospital construction costs exceeding $600 per square foot, the solutions are very cost-effective.

Easy Installation

Other storage companies aren’t as compatible; you may need to remove your shelving or expand your unit size for their products to work with your space. Lift and Store wheelchair lifts attach directly to your existing walls, so you don’t have to spend all that extra time and money on a remodel.

Advanced Safety and Security Features

For our patented systems to work, a user has to engage with the machine. If they were to stop, the machine would lock in place to prevent accidents.

Minimal Downtime

Healthcare facilities never stop running, so we know how important it is to not interfere with business operations. That’s why most of our installations can be completed in under one hour!

Request a Custom Quote For Your Wheelchair Storage System

Are you ready to declutter your storage? You’ll be blown away by how much space can be saved by integrating an overhead or wall-mounted wheelchair storage lift! See a recent installation from the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis.

Let us add more walk-in and storage capability to your current facility! Request a no-obligation quote today and see if either of these solutions is right for your storage needs.

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