Ways to Store a Wheelchair to Save Space

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When your healthcare facility needs to access medical supplies and equipment, it’s crucial that employees can do so quickly and efficiently. Millions are spent on medical equipment each year. But, if these supplies aren’t stored optimally, it can take longer for employees to access what they need. The bulkiness of wheelchairs creates a unique storage challenge for many healthcare facilities. Many wheelchair storage areas are not conducive to their overall environment, as they up valuable floor space at your building’s main entryway. This makes it difficult for both patients and employees to navigate through an already congested area. However, there are storage solutions that let you access chairs while freeing up more room at the ground level. In this article, we discuss two ways to store a wheelchair while saving space.

2 Wheelchair Storage Ideas

Hospitals, medical centers, rehab and assisted living facilities, and nursing homes often lose a lot of valuable floor space from storing wheelchairs. Their bulkiness can lead to jam-packed building entrances, which creates a challenge for employees to access the mobility aids they need. In addition, this causes general disorganization right as patients and visitors are entering and exiting the facility.

Rethinking the way that you store electronic and manual wheelchairs can improve employee efficiency while clearing entryways. Learn the features of these two wheelchair storage system options to determine which best fits your organization.

  1. Overhead Wheelchair Storage Systems

    An overhead lift may be a suitable option if you have ample empty air space, and especially if your facility mainly stores power chairs or mobility scooters. These storage systems bolt directly onto your ceiling and move up and down with the push of a button. Wheelchair lifts free up wall and floor space, and keep your chairs up and out of the way while allowing for easy access when needed.

  2. Wall-Mounted Wheelchair Storage Racks

    Smaller front entrances or those with a need for frequent access to regular folding wheelchairs may be better suited for a wall-mounted wheelchair storage system. These wheelchair racks connect directly to your wall, so you don’t have to worry about moving your current shelving units. LiftNStore® Wall Mount Lift’s only take about an hour to install, so you can start using your new machine the same day.

Lift and Store storage solutions can be configured to fit almost any space. Our easy-to-use lifts empower your employees to load and unload transport chairs when they need them quickly. Save time and money by creating a better patient experience for wheelchair users and cutting back on time it takes your staff to find medical equipment.

Turn your underutilized overhead space into valuable storage with Lift and Store. With over 11,000 installations across the country and around the world, we can help you determine the right wheelchair storage space for your healthcare facility. Contact us today to request a quote!

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