How to Maximize Student Recreation Center Space

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From Michigan State University and Utah State University to the University of Oregon and beyond, campuses nationwide are opting for Lift and Store’s unique overhead storage solutions to maximize space in student activity centers, recreation centers, and athletic departments. Discover how our automated lifts can help you make the most of your existing student recreation center space by storing bulky equipment overhead.

3 Products to Free Up Space in Your School’s Rec Center

Lift and Store’s three most popular products among college campuses are our overhead bike storage, kayak ceiling storage, and general overhead security cages. See how each of these three products can help increase your students’ fitness and activity space while securely storing facility-owned equipment rentals.

1. Overhead Bike Storage for Rental Bikes

If you allow students to rent bikes from your fitness center, you likely understand what a pain it can be to store them without damage or causing a domino effect of falling bikes. To simplify bike storage, especially during winter months, consider Lift and Store’s overhead bike lifts, which are available in both ceiling mounts and wall mounts.

By securely storing bikes overhead, you can not only free up space in your recreation facility, but you can also keep bicycles safe from theft and damage by storing them out of reach.

2. Overhead Security Cage for Miscellaneous Equipment

One of the most versatile storage solutions for campus recreation centers and athletic departments is the overhead security cage. This large multipurpose metal cage lifts overhead to store nearly anything you don’t need on a daily basis. Think helmets, pads, jerseys, boxes, balls, old fitness equipment, and more.

Dylan Marinez, the Football Facilities Manager at Michigan State University, chose to install an overhead cage in the equipment room for two primary purposes. The team plans to store equipment that is only used occasionally or for away games in the cage. Because the cage is on wheels, they can push it across the football complex and right onto the semi-truck for away games once lowered to ground level.

Another truly unique use for the cage is to continue a long-time tradition of hanging jerseys of Michigan State football alumni who have gone pro in the football equipment room. The immensely successful football program has seen so many players go on to play in the NFL that it was running out of places to hang their jerseys. Now, the team can continue hanging jerseys on all four sides of the overhead security cage.

3. Kayak Storage for Rental Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddles

If your student recreation center (SRC) has kayaks, paddles, and canoes available for rent, you undoubtedly understand what a pain it can be to store these bulky items when not in use. Not only are they awkward to store, but they take up a tremendous portion of your storage space. That’s why we created the kayak ceiling storage system.

With the kayak ceiling lift installed in your backroom or even directly in your activity center space, you can easily store multiple kayaks, paddles, and canoes overhead with the touch of a button. Each lift comes with a wheeled cart that can hold up to 8 kayaks. When a student asks to rent boating equipment, simply press the lift button again to bring the cart of kayaks back down to floor level.

See Utah State University’s kayak lift in action in the above video.

To learn more about our unique storage solutions for college campuses, athletic departments, and student centers, contact Lift and Store today to request a quote. Your staff will love the accessibility to equipment rentals and the space that our overhead lifts free up. With more than 11,000 installations worldwide, you can depend on us to maximize your square footage so that students can maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their wellness.

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