Should You Purchase a Kayak Lift?

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The summer season is fast approaching, which is great news for outdoor enthusiasts who partake in watersports. Kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and surfboards are great offerings to have for these customers, but it’s no doubt that this equipment is large, bulky, and takes up a lot of valuable space. Not only that, but they are also challenging to keep in place, which is why they tend to tumble over in normal storage settings.

Many rely on hangers, pulleys, or DIY kayak hoists to protect their boating equipment but, all of those options are either not cost-effective and/or put your expensive inventory at risk. Kayak lifts are an easy way to store kayaks in your facility safely. The security on these storage racks is top-notch, yet they are easily accessible whenever you need to retrieve your items. Plus, they can be retrofitted to the layout of your facility.

What Does a Kayak and Canoe Lift Do?

An overhead ceiling storage lift mounts your boats directly overhead. Rather than hangers or hoists that often damage equipment, your kayaks or canoes will be placed in a detachable rolling cart with a safe locking mechanism. Once attached to the lift via safety latches, your equipment will move up overhead until you need to bring it back down again. Pulley systems are commonly used in these types of kayak storage lifts, but you can find a far safer and more effective way to retrieve equipment. Lift and Store’s overhead ceiling racks are controlled by an easy electric system that safely brings a kayak or canoe to ground level through the press of a button.

One of the biggest value-drivers of a kayak lift is that it frees up valuable floor space. For you, this arrangement can mean less cluttered aisleways and a more open floor plan to roam around, or it could also mean that you have more space for additional inventory. In either case, you can trust that your kayaks, SUPs, and other watersport equipment are safely fastened above in an area that protects them from incidental damage or casual theft.

Who is a Kayak Storage System Good For?

Are you wondering if a kayak lift makes sense in your facility? Below are some organizations that could stand to benefit most from a heavy-duty kayak storage rack.

1. Sporting Goods Retailer

Kayak lifts are helpful in both the on- and off-season and can serve different purposes depending on the time of year. Now, when more customers are interested in purchasing kayaks or canoes, you can easily double up on inventory by hanging additional equipment overhead. When the weather changes and kayak sales start slowing down, you can move most, if not all, of what you have to your lift and make room for more in-season inventory.

2. Student Recreation Centers

Our kayak ceiling storage systems were also designed with university recreational facilities in mind. Much like retailers, storage space can be minimal, which becomes a huge concern. An overhead lift puts your facility to better use and takes advantage of unused space, so you don’t have to limit yourself to what is offered at the ground level. Your recreation staff will love its easy mobility, which allows them to retrieve kayaking equipment by pressing a button.

3. Larger Watersport Rental Facilities

Not all kayak rental businesses have the space to tote an overhead system, but if you are lodged in a larger facility or perhaps a shop that rents and sells watersport equipment, you too should consider the perks of a kayak lift. Like larger retailers, you can take advantage of valuable overhead space to create freer walkways or store more equipment. You’ll also incur less damage or stolen boats, keeping your incidental costs lower and your inventory protected.

In summary, a kayak lift can save your facility time and money by protecting and securing equipment, integrating into the space you have, and creating room for more inventory, and keeping staff off ladders and out of dangerous situations through a push-button system. Lift and Store’s kayak lift support a heavy lb capacity, so your sporting goods store, recreation center, or other facility will not have to worry about lifting heavy products again! Request a quote today to learn about our high-quality overhead systems, pricing, and more!

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