Maximize Space with a High-Density Museum Storage System

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Is your museum storing its fine art, rare books, or other collectible items efficiently?

Museums face many challenges in protecting and preserving their growing collections since most storage solutions significantly increase the risk of theft or damage. Below we look at a unique high-density museum storage system that keeps your delicate items out of harm’s way.

The Best High-Density Storage System for Museums

While lockers, storage cabinets, and wide-span shelving are all practical options, they’re mostly kept at the ground level. This means that many people have access to your equipment, which is a huge liability. Even if their intentions are good, accidents happen and can be costly as you’re dealing with rare and unusual items.

So, if you shouldn’t keep your valuables at the ground level, then where do they go? One museum storage solution you may not have considered is overhead! This type of mobile shelving is a total space-saver. Find out how an overhead shelving system works.


Everyone’s storage area and collection needs are completely unique. While some rare artifacts and art collections require climate-controlled storage capabilities, others require special lighting or compact shelving. In any case, an overhead storage system can make use of the space you already have and be configured to the existing paneling and shelving you’re working with.

Item Safety

The Institute of Museum and Library Services observed the following in a recent survey:

  • 56% of all institutions reported water or moisture as the leading cause of inventory damage
  • 44% of all institutions cited improper handling as a cause of damage
  • 45% of all institutions cited improper storage as a cause of damage

Your products are also more susceptible to vandalism, pests, and other harmful sources at the ground level. An overhead storage space reduces the chances of product loss, whether it be through human error, environmental concerns, or other random factors.


An overhead security cage is all about ease, which is why your valuable items can be retrieved and put away through the click of a button. Once your team loads your materials, they will simply use the keypad to get the items off the floor and out of the way. Then, once the items are needed again, they can use the same keypad to bring the security cage back down to the floor space. The best part is that only registered users can access the security cages and keypad, so you can ensure your material isn’t falling into the wrong hands.

Where to Find a Storage Solution For Your Museum Collections

If product safety, low maintenance, and easy integration are at the top of your list, you need a LiftNStore® Lift and overhead security cage. Our patented systems are ideal for art racks, textiles, artifacts, collection storage, and even museum equipment and supplies.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to museum infrastructure, so we’re confident we can work around your building and even optimize unused space. Once your lift is installed, we’ll train your staff on operating this new system!

Ready to get started? Request a quote today for the best high-density storage options for museums!

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