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Storage Ideas For Saving Space

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If you manage a softball or baseball team – or even work as a sports retailer, you understand how quickly sporting equipment can eat up the retail floor or locker room. Finding a one-size-fits-all solution to store all the essentials, including bats, gloves, bags, and uniforms, can be a hassle. To help make your job easier, we’ve analyzed some of the most practical softball and baseball gear storage solutions you can find in today’s market.

Learn How to Store Baseball and Softball Gear

Nowadays, there’s an overwhelming amount of choices for storing softball and baseball gear. As you weigh all your options, it’s essential to think about what you need most out of your storage space. Do you need something to keep storage bags and gear secure throughout the off-season? What about cost and convenience? While you’re answering these questions, look into these three storage solutions.

1. Sports Equipment Storage Lockers

Storage lockers and cubbies are unarguably one of the most popular options for storing softball and baseball equipment while players are off the field. Their quick access makes grabbing cleats, baseball bats, equipment, and other essentials on the go a breeze. Unfortunately, due to their limited features and the lack of ventilation offered, they’re best used for short-term storage. Relying on them as a long-term storage solution puts your baseball gear at risk for mold exposure and rust build-up.

2. Wall Racks and Storage Cabinets

The affordability and relatively easy setup of wall storage shelving make them a popular storage choice among athletic departments. For the most part, they’re fairly simple to install and keep sports gear and sports balls organized and away from walkways and locker room benches. You can find many on sale with hardware included, such as wall mounts and hangers. On the downside, they’re not always the most convenient. Players and coaches often risk their safety as they climb to grab baseball or softball bats and equipment bags.

3. Overhead Mobile Storage Cages

Similar to lockers and sports storage racks, mobile storage cages are easy to use and keep equipment out of harm’s way. There’s no need to worry about climbing dangerous ladders and using up wall space with one in place. Plus, their exclusive design makes them a suitable storage solution all year round, even during the off-season. Everything stays put overhead with bolts in place. You also won’t have to worry about large equipment consuming your wall and floor space. These keypad-operated sports equipment organizers attach directly to the ceiling panel and lower up and down when you need them to. Best of all, they’re made of durable, welded-steel material, so you can rest assured your equipment stays safe and intact.

If you’re set on finding a cost-effective way to maximize your storage room needs without paying for an expensive remodel or storage unit, consider contacting the specialists at Lift and Store. Our overhead cages are ideal for storing all types of sporting equipment, ranging from football and soccer balls to golf bags and tennis rackets. We’ve helped countless sports retailers and athletic departments make the most of their storage space for nearly three decades. Get moving on your next installation by requesting a quote from us today!

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