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  • Hand Cranked Bed Lift
  • Clothes Storage - Overhead
  • Clothes Storage - Wall Mount
  • Bike Storage - Wall Mount
  • Bike Storage - Overhead
  • Boat Storage
  • Tire Storage
  • Big Screen Storage
  • Big Screen Storage
  • Box Storage
  • Box Storage
  • Wheelchair Storage
  • Wheelchair Storage
  • Cart Storage
  • Cart Storage

How to make storage easy.

Every day you pay for empty open areas that could be used for optimal storage.
Overhead lifts are easily bolted into ceilings keeping aisles open and clear.
Existing shelves stay put and you nearly double your storage overnight without a remodel.

Overhead storage is safe, reliable and easy to use.
Push a button and in moments your goods are right at your fingertips.
Push the button and everything is up and out of the way.
Taking inventory is easy because you see exactly where everything is.
You also get built in security, it is overhead and no one can tamper with it.

In about half a day our trained installers install, tune up and throughly test the lift.
They will be level and true, and your load will be stopping at just the right spot.
Everything is runs smooth and your areas are clean, a turn-key project.

You can have overhead lifts or wall mounted lifts, two options:
The overhead lifts can carry 1,000 to 4,000 pounds depending on the motor.
The wall mounted lifts are low voltage machines and carry 300 pounds each.

All LiftNStore® Lifts are simple, reliable and strong.
You get a tax benefit because a lift is an 'electric appliance', not a 'building improvement'.
Every lift is made with pride in the United States of America and satisfaction is guaranteed.
With more than 3,300 successful installations over the last 20 years, LiftNStore® Overhead Lifts have become the gold standard.

Call today and get your project started.
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