3 Overhead Storage Ideas for Better Organization in Your Retail Business

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For many business owners, storage space can be a headache. Retail businesses know the struggle of maintaining open and aesthetically pleasing and logical floor space for consumers while keeping other inventory out of sight. Whether you’re a small business owner or manage a big box store, these overhead storage ideas can help you maximize space to suit your unique storage needs.

Overhead Storage Ideas for Your Stockroom

While your customers will likely never see your stockroom, its organization (or lack thereof) can make a huge difference in customer experience. Inefficient organization and inadequate inventory can seep out onto your floor, causing customer frustration and a less-than-positive experience. Limited storage space and old-fashioned storage solutions can make this task particularly challenging. However, there are ways to modernize your systems in a way that saves you and your employees time and, consequently, money.

Think Three-Dimensionally

Before you start moving things up, you’ll need to consider what is best suited to stay out of reach. If you’ve maxed out your horizontal storage capacity, then the chances are that your stockroom has some stacked inventory. While this can be necessary for a small storage space, it’s not a practical long-term solution.

Stacking items on fixed shelving creates safety hazards for your employees and makes some inventory inaccessible. Worse, if things aren’t appropriately stacked, it can produce tipping hazards and spills that eat up aisle space.

Move Seasonal Items

Before you invest in an overhead storage system, consider what items make the most sense to store above you. Seasonal items are an easy option, as your employees only need to access them at certain times throughout the year. Keeping them in your underutilized overhead space is a cost-saving approach to retaining this inventory.

Address Bulky Items

Bulky inventory such as boats, bikes, and sports equipment can also free up significant floor space when moved up and out of the way. Clothing can also be moved up on overhead storage racks, eliminating cramped garment racks and allowing you to carry more of the inventory you need.

Is Overhead Storage Right for You?

Unlike an off-site storage unit, using an overhead storage system keeps your items accessible whenever employees need them. With Lift and Store’s multiple retail storage solutions, you can easily find an option that suits your needs.

All of our options allow you to keep inventory up and out of the way while not in use. With the push of a button, employees can bring the lifts down to them for safe and straightforward loading and unloading. Whether you need the extra weight capacity of our heavy-duty overhead lifts, the affordability and easy installation of our standard lifts, or a wall-mounted lift, you’ll find it with Lift and Store.

With over 10,750 installations for world-renowned brands including Walmart, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Macy’s, Kohls, the team at Lift and Store are experts in overhead storage. Browse our testimonials to see how we’ve helped our clients take their storage to the next level. No matter what your storage needs are, our experts can help you find the right wall or ceiling storage rack to suit your needs. Contact us today to request a quote and get started finding the right overhead storage solutions for your business!

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