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University of South Florida

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Over five years ago, the University of South Florida commenced design on a new home for the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute. Since the new building was to be a downtown high-rise, efficient use of building space was at a premium.

A key component of the building’s design is a two-story high, 8,000 square foot multi-use auditorium on the second floor of the building. Since the adjacent storage rooms are also two-stories high, the project architects recommended the use of the Lift and Store system in order to take full advantage of the available space. The system allows the University to almost double the available storage space in order to accommodate two types of tables, a portable stage, and audio-visual equipment.

Lift and Store worked with the design-build team and the USF project management team to design a custom system comprised of 10 movable lifts, each capable of holding thousands of pounds of tables, chairs, and other equipment.

university of south florida storage optimization project in a downtown highrise
storage lifts used in optimized store room for university of south florida

The auditorium storage rooms are long, but less than eight feet wide, so that a traditional mezzanine system does not work. The Lift and Store system provides a safe way to store heavy items adjacent to the auditorium, and allows faster change-overs for different auditorium set-ups than if the furniture was stored in another part of the building.

Lift and Store has been in the business of lifting heavy objects for nearly thirty years and does so for Universities like USF, Michigan State, Utah State, Weber State and more, along with major retailers like Target and REI.

Lift and Store’s versatile range of products are capable of optimizing any storage space from warehouses and storage rooms to factories and garages. If you’ve got a space that isn’t living up to its full storage potential, request a free estimate from one of our experts today!

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