5 Ways to Improve Your Factory Shelving Organization 

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Keeping your warehouse organized is at the heart of your business. If workers struggle with a disorganized space, it can slow down production and, worse, lead to accidents and even injury. If your factory could use some organizational improvements, you’ve come to the right place. Get our top tips for factory shelving organization below.

Storage and Organizational Ideas for Industrial Shelving

The pandemic and shifts in purchasing behavior have created a lot of challenges for inventory management. If your factory or warehouse needs a storage revamp, there are many different shelving systems out there to help you stay organized. From adjustable shelves to heavy-duty industrial metal shelving, there are a lot of options. The nature of the business you’re in can help you determine the location, size, and type of storage racks and shelving units.

1. Ensure You’re Using the Right Type of Storage

Before you start reorganizing, ensure that your storage solutions are appropriate for your business’s needs. While rivet shelving is easy to install and offers heavy-duty capacity, it’s also expensive to ship due to its weight and it’s not as customizable as steel shelving. Wire shelving units, on the other hand, offer clean and configurable designs but less weight capacity.

2. Maximize Vertical Space

Don’t forget to think “up” as you’re planning your warehouse shelving. This could mean getting taller units and stacking bins or taking advantage of modular pallet racks that allow you to customize your needs. Want to really take your storage to the next level? Adjustable overhead lifts let you take advantage of the overhead space you already pay for without disturbing your existing shelving and racking.

3. Appropriately Place Storage

Once you have shelving units that support your business’s needs, you’ll want to ensure they’re safely and efficiently placed in your space for proper material handling. For instance, a manufacturing business most likely needs heavy-duty shelving and ample space around workbenches and in the aisles. However, an inventory warehouse will need to prioritize picking and packing activities with plenty of bins and light, heavy, or medium-duty storage shelves for stock.

4. Organize Your Inventory

With your storage shelving in place, it’s time to make the most of your storage system with logical organization. Inventory warehouses may benefit from ABC Analysis to organize stock. Warehouses and factories of all kinds will benefit from a clear and consistent labeling system. Whatever warehouse storage idea you implement, ensure it makes sense with your space’s flow and train employees to maintain it.

5. Stay on a Schedule

Once your industrial storage racks are organized, it’s time to set a cleaning schedule. You can either add safe workspace checklists for your employees or hire a cleaning crew, but you’ll need to take action to maintain safety and keep things clean.

A practical storage system increases accessibility, functionality, and efficiency in your factory or warehouse. Making the extra effort now can pay dividends in time saved, injuries avoided, and increasing your capacity for the inventory you need! For truly adjustable storage solutions that make use of the space you already have, learn more about LiftNStore® Overhead Lifts.

Our overhead warehouse storage systems are reliable, safe, and easy to use. With over 11,000 installations in the last 28 years, our experts have the experience to configure racking that suits your needs. Contact us today to learn why our lifts have become the gold standard!

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