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Tire storage can be challenging because of their large size and shape. Not only do wheels consume a lot of room, but they also require extra precautionary measures to stay in good condition. Setting them on the floor takes away garage and workbench room for cars and your employees. Stacking a set of tires on top of each other isn’t ideal either, as they’re difficult to sort through and can fall or roll away and break shop equipment. Luckily, there are alternative options to free up space and improve your organization. In this article, we unpack the best way to store tires

Tire Storage Ideas

Demand for tires continues to go up, meaning your inventory must as well. Storing tires on the floor isn’t just problematic from a storage point of view; it can also accelerate the aging process of your inventory. To stay in prime condition, keep tire sets in a dry location away from direct sunlight. You’ll also want them far enough away from grime, brake dust, and sump pumps, which can create humidity and other unsavory impacts. If possible, you should try to limit the amount of oxygen they’re exposed to and keep them away from cold weather. 

Utilizing an airtight space slows the oxidation process, and stops the tires from drying out. It’s best to cover each tire individually, using one of the following options:

  • Tire storage bags
  • Contractor garbage bags or leaf bags
  • Sealable vacuum plastic wrap

Ideally, your tires should be stored standing upright. Doing so prevents shape distortion and exerts less pressure on them. However, if you’re a tire professional with a lot of inventory, you know how fast this can eat up floor space fast. Instead, consider using the unused automotive storage area you already pay for.

Your shop’s open ceiling can serve as a safe and secure storage place for your tire inventory. Lift and Store’s tire lifts hold 11 to 44 tires each! Our heavy-duty systems are mounted high overhead, which helps keep your bays open and clear. 

Store Tires Upright with Overhead Lifts

LiftNStore® Lifts securely bolt to your ceiling. By using the free space above, your existing tire racks and shelves stay in place. With the push of a button, lifts move up and lower down to your level. The racks eliminate the need to continuously pick up, roll, and carry heavy tires around. Loading and unloading is a breeze.

Benefits of Using Overhead Tire Storage Systems

Tire storage lifts are safe, secure, and easy to use. Plus, they’re a great way to store your summer and winter tires during the long periods of time that they’re in the offseason. Over the last twenty years, our lifts have helped customers:

  • Double their tire storage capacity
  • Limit the need for climbing up ladders
  • Clear and open up bays and work zones
  • Reduce time spent digging through storage areas
  • Improve inventory management

Are you ready to start maximizing your tire storage space? Our team is happy to help you get started determining the right solution for your facility. Contact the experts at Lift and Store to request a quote today!

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