Announcing New Tilt N Store from Lift and Store

November 30, 2017 – Lift and Store, the leader in overhead and wall mounted storage with more than 11,000 installations in the US and Canada, today announced the introduction of Version 3.0 of the Tilt N Store Wall Mounted Lifting System.

The Tilt N Store has been completely redesigned from top to bottom, eliminating and combining more than 30% of the parts from Version 2.0.

“Our machines are already well known as simple and long lasting,” said Lift and Store CEO Chris Benyo, “and this new machine carries on that tradition.” Some of the company’s current overhead machines have been in service for more than 20 years and are still going strong. “While Version 2.0 was reliable, the new machine will be even stronger,” he said.

The cantilevered design of the arms on the machine allows users to create a second tier of wall storage instantly in their retail space, storage room, garage or front of the house. Simply press the button and the wall mounted load arches over the items underneath, delivering items easily to the floor.

The Tilt N Store is designed to be the Swiss Army Knife of storage. The basic machine hangs on almost any kind of wall and is self-installable in about an hour. Then the fun begins. Based on the application, customers choose their lifting accessory including:

Bikes. Up to six bikes (including today’s heavy duty electric bikes) can be picked up and safely stored. Several major retailers are using this bike storage product in their bicycle showrooms.

Wheelchairs/Medical Devices. The newly re-designed platform is designed to lift up to six folded wheelchairs. The platform works for multiple other uses as well. Imagine a six foot by three and a half foot panel, holding baby cribs, IV stands or other medical devices that can be stored up to eight feet high on a wall!

Rolling Supply Carts. With our quick release option, the Tilt and Store can deliver a rolling cart from safe storage six feet up on a wall safely to the floor where it can be detached and rolled away. This item is a big hit in hospitality and medical applications.

Garment Storage. Imagine storing six running feet of garments safely on a wall, then having immediate, ladder free, access to those items. The system creates an immediate double layer of safe and accessible garment storage on any wall.

The possibilities are endless and the company is continually working with its customers to design new accessories to fit the basic Tilt N Store machine.

“The true leverage with this machine is its speed to installation,” said Art Kroulik, Installation and Maintenance Manager. “We designed this product to be durable, simple and fast. Customers can order this product and create additional storage literally in minutes using a drill and a standard electrical outlet.”

Version 3.0 of the Tilt N Store is available for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. See for more information.

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